Successful Presentation of Our Medical Insurance Product to a New Corporate Client

We are pleased to announce the successful presentation of our Medical (Health) Insurance product to our new corporate client. The session was an exciting opportunity to introduce the comprehensive coverage and streamlined processes we offer in collaboration with our insurer partner, Ateshgah Insurance Company.

During the presentation, we detailed all the essential aspects of our insurance coverage, ensuring our client had a clear understanding of the benefits and exclusions. The session was highly interactive, with the client's staff engaging actively and asking insightful questions, all of which we addressed thoroughly.

Our commitment at BUTA Insurance and Reinsurance Broker is to provide clear and straightforward information about our insurance products. We believe that the more our clients understand about insurance, the more they will appreciate its value and the protection it offers.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ateshgah Insurance Company for their invaluable support and partnership, which played a crucial role in the success of this presentation.

At BUTA Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, we make insurance easy.