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It was the date when Buta Broker received a licence from the state to conduct insurance activities.

We have been operating in the insurance market for more than 4 years and have been a leading company throughout our existence. Our employees are natural professionals and craftsmen with more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry. Over 4 years, we have managed to complete more than 2,000 requests, gain the trust of more than 50 corporate clients who have become our real friends!

At the end of 2023 a key, and perhaps, even a fateful decision in the history of the Company was made. It was decided to take a cource on institutional development. The ultimate goal was to become a strong universal company in the retail and corporate segments, providing the best services to the market, building transparent relationship with clients and partners, along with performing all these at affordable prices.

We have implemented a KPI and CRM system, which made it possible to bring management of the company to a new high quality level, many processes have been optimized, allowing fast assesment of a risk, enabling quick document turnover, conduct examination of insurance claims.

Even though, there is a still a lot to be done, we can already see the result, and I believe that having started working with us, you will make sure that these are not just words and will definitely know the answer to the question "Why Buta Broker?"

Your faithfully,

Owner and CEO of Buta Insurance Broker,

Abas I. Miskarli

the advantages of our company

legal protection

Our specialization in insurance law means that throughout the duration of your insurance contract, you benefit from our dedicated legal protection. We ensure that your interests are safeguarded and supported within the bounds of the law, providing you with peace of mind.

we are insured ourselves for 1 million of manats

Understanding the pivotal role of a broker and the potential impact of errors on our clients, we prioritize responsibility. Our commitment is underlined by our acquisition of professional liability insurance for our company, covering us for 1 million manats. This ensures that in the unlikely event of a mistake, our clients are protected, offering an added layer of security and confidence in our services.

always in touch

In the event of an accident or any crisis, our team remains available 24/7 to stay connected with you. We're committed to providing continuous support, ensuring you're never alone during challenging situations.                                                                                                                

always clear

We believe purchasing insurance should be a clear and enjoyable experience. From rates to risks, deductibles, and the flexibility of insurance companies, we handle it all. Our goal is to guide you through every detail, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and assisting you in making the right choice.                   

money saving

Our expertise in crafting well-structured insurance programs often translates to cost-efficiency. In most cases, purchasing insurance through us proves more advantageous than directly from insurance companies. This significant cost-saving advantage stands as a compelling reason to choose our services.

work flow

step by step

data collection

Start the process by completing our user-friendly application form available on our website. It's designed for efficiency, taking no more than a minute of your time

primary negotiations

Upon receiving your request, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and promptly schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs in detail.

development of proposals

Following a thorough assessment of your insurance requirements, we craft personalized offers sourced from the leading names in the insurance market. These solutions are tailored specifically to meet your unique needs."

tender execution

We schedule an appointment at your convenience and provide expert guidance to help you select the best insurance option for your needs.


Successful Presentation of Our Medical Insurance Product to a New Corporate Client

We are pleased to announce the successful presentation of our Medical (Health) Insurance product to our new corporate client.

CEO Engages with Next Generation: Interview with ADA University Students

Our CEO recently had the opportunity to engage with the bright minds of tomorrow during an insightful interview with two second-year students from ADA University. Delving into topics of leadership and problem-solving, the discussion showcased a commitment to nurturing future talent and fostering a culture of learning and development.

Exclusive interview with CEO to

The owner of the Buta Insurance and Reinsurance broker Abbas Miskarli talked about his career and the success of the company.

Areas of Focus: Our Widely Sought Insurance Solutions

We've highlighted the most popular insurance options essential for various aspects of life. Additionally, we offer highly specialized products designed to cater to specific needs. Get in touch with us to explore these tailored solutions further

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At our broker company, we tailor insurance programs to suit your individual needs. 

Our customized plans are designed to provide financial protection for your family and business during unexpected situations.

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